Halifax Chinese Festival
2019 9.13-9.15
At Halifax forum


Hello! NI HAO!

Chines Festival is mainly showing the traditional culture and customs of China that could reflect hopes, beliefs, ethics, courtesies, emotions, and other spiritual heritages. 

The 2nd annual Chinese Festival will take place at Halifax Forum from September 13th to 15th. 

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About Chinese Festival



The “Chinese Festival” will present a diverse range of cultural performances. Followed by a series of cultural experiences.



As a sponsor, you will not only be able to have the opportunity to communicate with peers that are already engaged in our Chinese community, but also you will be recognized as a strong supporter for the Chinese community's wellbeing. 

We invite you to consider the range of diverse sponsorship/exhibition opportunities featured in the following packages, and feel free to ask more questions by emailing to chinesefestivalhalifax@gmail.com 

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Program details will be released soon! Contact us if you want to be a performance, vendor or provide any other support, please contact us chinesefestivalhalifax@gmail.com 

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Join the great community

Now we are in the process of collecting ideas and opinions, and open to hear your thoughts. If you have unique insights into Chinese Festival, or could provide technical support in videography, photography, graphic design and so on, and would like to contribute to our community, we welcome you in our team! 

We appreciate any support and help in spreading Chinese culture. Please keep tracking our follow up information such as specific sponsorship programs, booth reservations, event registration, and volunteer recruitment.